Cleerkut Royalty goes to BETA


Stafford, Virginia   December 7, 2016

Software Company Cleerkut, Inc. announces the release of their first product Cleerkut Royalty into BETA today. Cleerkut Royalty a copy[Rights] Management System designed for independent music creators, copyright owners and their agents.  Cleerkut Royalty provides copyright and royalty administration for the music they create.

When recording artists sign with major record labels, the record label’s copyright and royalty departments administrates the Artist’s music.  But if you are an independent musician distributing your own music, the musician has to manage their own music administration.  Cleerkut Royalty assists music creators who have a need to administrate their own music that is automated, simple and easy to use.

In a cloud base platform, independent musicians will be able to:

  • Generate Music Licenses & Agreements on behalf of the songs or tracks they create.
  • Generate Royalty Statements based on album or single sales due to others.
  • Certify Album or Single Releases with Cleerkut Royalty patent pending system to ensure their releases has the necessary permissions, will not infringe on anyone’s copyrights and is compliant with U.S. Copyright Laws.
  • Generate Song/Sound split sheets with their collaborators.
  • Manage their Songs and Tracks.
  • Maintain a Contact Management System for their music contacts and more.

‘We are very excited that this day has finally come’ says Cheryl Potts founder of Cleerkut Inc.  ‘We have been working hard developing this platform to ensure that it is easy to use for indie musicians to administrate their music. Many areas of the platform are automated so most can be accomplished with just a few short steps’.

Cleerkut Royalty was designed and developed by Cheryl Potts a software engineer who is also a Copyright & Royalty Administrator and founder of Crystal Clear Music.  ‘For over 12 years most in the music industry has known me as a Copyright & Royalty Administrator for independent record labels, songwriters and publishers.  However many did not know that I have also worked for over 18 years as a software engineer building enterprise software for other companies’ said Ms. Potts.

Ms. Potts was looking for a royalty accounting software to help automate the royalty accounting process after some of her clients obtained major label distribution.  However after looking in the market she did not find a system that was suitable for all her needs.  Frustrated she decided to develop a system herself.  But it was not until the software designing stage is when she stopped and thought about all the self-released independent musicians who had seek her help over the years but could not afford her services.  ‘Not that our services were so expensive but many musicians who were self-funding their music projects did not have a lot of money left over.  Musicians would contact me and I would end up telling them the steps to take to administrate their own music’ she said.  With all these thoughts in mind, Cleerkut Royalty was born.

Cleerkut Royalty will be available for a low monthly subscription for independent musicians.  The platform will also release a Music Professional subscription for professionals who manage the copyright and royalties for their clients.

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